Icing On The Lake


NEW COMPILATION CD: This newly re-mastered compilation of our first two CDs: "Kelptic OddYaSee" (1996) and 'The Boggy Spew' (1998) is fun, full of energy and the wildness of Four Shillings Short in our early years together. 
We tore into these recording sesions with gusto, passion, and madness. The resulting CDs, warts and all, have a wildness that I've not heard on too many recordings! Jeff Buenz (the mad bass player) and Kristoph Klover (the wild man guitarist) along with many other Bay Area musical friends join us on this, our 6th album. 
Due to the expense of keeping many different titles in stock, we decided to issue a compilation of the 'best of' these two albums. In selecting these 14 tracks from a total of 27, some were difficult to exclude, especially 'I'm Stretched On Your Grave' and 'Who Knows where The Time Goes'. But what we've come up with is the 'Icing On The Cake'.

Track List

Track 1) Kelptic Dulaman/Julia Delaney - Traditional


Track 2) Auld Grey Man - Traditional

Track 3) Wayfaring Stranger - Traditional/JB St. Leger

Track 4) As I Roved Out - Traditional