Rhea Sampson, Palo Alto, CA: 
”The music was very rich, deep, spiritual, political, healing and much more!! It filled our souls with a much needed drink of vitaele!! We look forward to your next concert.” Rhea Sampson, Palo Alto, CA 

Bruce Maxwell, Santa Rosa, CA: 
“All the themes of violence/peace/fear/reassurance/extinction/courage/(fun)/& love were beautifully blended in your performance at the Rose, and "I Won't Be Afraid Anymore" perfectly tied it all together.” 

Bob Cunningham, San Diego: 
“It would be easy to tell you in endless detail how delighted I was to happen to be in Border’s when you started to play and how intrigued I was by your mix of an Irish core with the rest of the world (both in space and time). I could go on for days about your amazing use of the sitar and other instruments whose names I either can’t spell, have completely forgotten, or have never known.  But I won’t. Instead I’ll simply say “thank you” and plead with you to add a San Diego gig to the start of your next tour.”